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Flood Project Team in Delft University of Technology


The Flood Team


    The Flood Project Team exists of four master students Civil Engineering from Delft University of Technology.  We are doing research on the Addicks and Barker Dams. We would like to give an optimized relation between the water level of the pool and the outflow in order to minimize the damage due to flooding.



Rice Student Project Overviews


Anneroos BrusseeAnneroos Brussee

Master: Hydraulic Engineering


Academic Focus: My focus within the project is flood risk analysis. Together with Laura, I am trying to find the design water level of the reservoirs.


Texas Highlight: I am enjoying my time here very much at Rice, this university has a beautiful green campus. Besides, everyone tells me that the food here in Houston is great and I can say that I agree!

Laura van der Doef
Master: Hydraulic Engineering


Academic Focus: My specialty in Hydraulic Engineering is Flood Risk, therefore I am working on the risk analysis as well. I really enjoy working on our project with this team! Sadly this will be my last project before graduation.


Texas Highlight: When I just arrived in Texas, it was my birthday. My teammates surprised me with two-step lessons in Wild West. It was a great American birthday!


Lise JansenLise Jansen
Master: Structural Engineeringis


Academic Focus: Since I am the Structural Engineer in the group, I will work on the structural design of the Addicks and Barker dams.


Texas Highlight: In the weekends we would like to see as much of Texas as possible! Last weekend, we enjoyed floating in tubes on the beautiful Guadalupe river and discovered the lovely downtown of San Antonio by taking the Riverwalk. We will also see a Texas Longhorn game in Austin. I am already excited about that and looking forward to have had the real Texas experience when we finish our project!



Natasja Oostrum

Master: Hydraulic Engineering


Academic Focus: My specialization is Hydraulic Structures. I try to focus on the effect water can have on flood protecting structures. Since the moment we arrived in Houston, I have really enjoyed working with the people of the SSPEED Center!


Texas Highlight: One of the most unforgettable experiences of Texas would definitely be the rodeo.







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